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compact BugOut Kits for Preppers, Hard Core Bikers, Hikers, Mountainmen, Bicyclers, Mountain Girls, for those who easily get lost and the rest of you who are wanna-be city-butt Survivalists.  Sorry If I offended you.  I guess I spent too much time alone in the mountains writing books about the coming crash of the American dream.  Conspiracy is no longer a theory, it is a fact.  It is just a matter of time before all Constitutional infrastructures around us collapse.  So rather than just complain, I have a solution for the coming concern and that means having survival gear!

Not for Profit
We are a not-for-profit organization seeking to equip the needy with survival devices and supplies that will enable you and your loved ones to survive an economic meltdown in America.  Our prices are just a little above cost so you can afford our products and be prepared.

All kits are personally designed, put together and tested by Mountainman and Professor David Smith (me) who lived for 8 years at 10,000 foot elevation high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and now lives in the hot deserts of Arizona.  I personally guarantee without reservation any one of these products if used as instructed.  You can't get a better product field test and guarantee than that!  

The more you buy, the cheaper it gets for shipping.  The $5.75 shipping charge is the flat rate for all orders.  As your order increases, your shipping cost stays the same and we pay the extra cost for shipping for domestic orders. USPS Priority Mail is used for all shipping.  For internatinoal orders, contact us for the current shipping rates to your country.  

Emergency Bugout Kits
Emergency 3-day Food Kit 
$9.95 This food kit is for survival and is enough food to last one person about 2 days of survival.  It includes jerky, brown rice, freeze dried veggies, dried fruits and berries and chocolate with cooking herb/spice packets.  Just boil with the option of then frying for a wholesome tasty meal.  
Space Blanket and Hat Kit E002

Fire Starter Kit

Survival Tool Kit

Tent Hardware Kit

Emergency Beacon Kit

Weather Crystal Radio Kit

Emergency Climbing Cable Kit

Water Purifier Kit

First Aid Kit

Compass and Signal Kit

Emergency Flare Kit

Hunting BugOut Kits
Reel Fishing Kit

Small Game Live Trap Kit

Sling Shot Hunting Kit H003

Black Powder Stick Canon Hunting Kit

Spear Fishing Kit

Laser Sight for any projectile shooting device.

Gun Cleaning Kit

Ice Fishing Kit

80 Pound Pistol Crossbow Kit
Food and Water BugOut Kits
Water Catchment Kit F001

Solar Parabolic Cooking Kit F002

Collapsible 1 Gal. Water Container Kit F003

Tree Aloft Food Net Kit F004

Sterno & Grill Cooking Kit F005

Solar Food Dryer Kit F006

Fold Out Camp Fire Grill Kit F007

Stainless Cooking Pots and Dishes F008

Power & Light Pocket BugOut Kits
Solar Charging 6vdc Kit  P001
Good for charging cell phones and other 5 vdc devices. 
Wind Generator 6vdc Kit P002
Good for charging cell phones and other 5 vdc devices.
Hand Crank Generator 6vdc Kit P003
Good for charging cell phones and other 5 vdc devices.
Water Generator 6vdc Kit P004
Good for charging cell phones and other 5 vdc devices.
Oil Lantern Kit P005

Candle Lantern Kit P006

LED Rechargeable Solar Lantern Kit P007

Misc. BugOut Kits
Waterproof Bible Kit M001

Waterproof Diary & Journal Kit M002

Waterproof Letter Writing Kit M003

Canvas and Leather Sewing Kit M004

Hide Tanning Kit M005

Toiletries and Soap Kit M006

Leather/Canvas Water Proofing Kit M007

Solar Hot Shower Kit M008

Gold Vibration Slues Kit M009

Raincoat and Rain Hat Kit M010

Bug, Bear and Bigfoot Repellent Kit M011

30X Telescope Kit M012

Air Pillow Kit M013

Games Kit M014
Checkers, Chess, Backgammon, Cards and
Cigarette Rolling Kit M015

Security BugOut Kits
PIR Sensor and Alarm Kit S001
Identifies passing warm blooded animals or humans
Trip-Wire Sensor and Alarm Kit S002
Identifies a moving presence through the trip-wire
Sound Sensor and Alarm Kit S003
Identifies sound such as talking or sticks/brush sounds
Pressure Sensor and Alarm Kit S004
Identifies a weighted presence
Metal Sensor and Alarm Kit S005
Proximity sensor and Alarm Kit S006 Identifies a conductive (human) presence
Super Ear Listening Kit S007
Provides 10X increased directional hearing capability